Low Poly Landscape Project

We have been given a project from Matt, this entails in making a section of land based on a theme. The theme we have been given is wacky races, the island is supposed to have some form of a wacky races inspired track and landscape. We are also supposed to involve a wacky Races themed vehicle.

Land, Triangle based low poly map on a square section. I want two corners to be slightly raised up giving a level of depth to the landscape and creating a general outline of a track. I would Like a mountain to be the main feature of this section of world.

Id like assets such as fences and lampposts to be features also, man made objects I feel will bring a lot out of the world so its not 100% Organic. Give it some variation. Id like a flock of birds to be above the world so the sky does not look completely empty.

Images for inspiration.

Snowy mountain.jpg


Low poly safari.jpg

Assets rubber dingy.png


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