Ant, Pythagoras

2D triangle

A squared + B square = C Squared

3D Triangle

This is very similar however it is slightly different.

A squared + B Squared + C squared = D Squared

Unity terms, X squared + Y squared + Z squared = The locations. Its easier to visualise it as 2 triangles in 3D space.


Super Mario, introduce game mechanics in a simple way where the player has no risk of dying. For example add a ground plain beneath the platforms so if the platforms move they know they will fall but wont die. the players will learn and it will prepare them for future event or task.

When u normalize something it sets its length to 1. So when u normalize a vector its magnitude becomes one so it is 1 unit long.

This is good because it makes the numbers more consistent. a surface normal is an imaginary line that points away from the face. This can effect lighting and you are able to do a dot product by it. If it wasn’t normal the light will be inconsistent. In 2d games its good for directional maths. Its good for any movement in games.

When you normalize a vector it becomes a unit vector. You can calculate the normalised version of the vector by imply dividing each coordinate buy the magnitude of the vector.

vector {3,4} has a magnitude of 5

You divide 3 by 5 and 4 by 5

So the unit vector is {0.6,0.8}


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