Principles observation

Knick Knack was the animation I chose to watch, this was a short Pixar animation which was made in 1989. Basically its a snow man in a snow globe getting jealous of the people/ characters outside of his ‘hoe’ He tries to escape and manages to succeed. He then gets stuck in a fish tank and to top thinks of his snow globe falls back on him trapping him again.

the main principles of animation I seen were; exaggeration, squash and stretch , slow in slow out, arc and a few more. However exaggeration is literally applied to every thing in motion. From the bounce of the tree to the blinking of his eyes or the falling of the globe, the list goes on. Squash and stretch is also applied to many movements but one of the most noticeable ones are the pyramid bouncing and the movement applied to his nose when he’s trying to escape. Where I noticed arc was when the tree is bouncing on the spring, this was also exaggerated and used squash and stretch. Where I noticed slow in slow out was when he tried to hit the igloo against the glass globe and when the snowman was falling he began to speed up as he went down and seemed to ease in as he approached the bottom.

Knick Knack:


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