Painting Poster

My mam wanted me to make her a poster as she is hosting a course in the local community center,  she set a very simple briefing of what she wanted. She said I need a poster for a painting course, 23rd feb 9:30- 2:30, So I went and opened Photoshop, I thought this will be a good time to practice some of the skills I had been learning at college so I made a grid, with a main feature circle. And I had set an image as a clipping mask of this circle, this cuts out the shape into the circle. Then I added a bevel to the grid I had laid out giving it a light and dark effect, Then I placed the 4 images of my choice into the sections of the grid. Underneath it giving is a sense of separation. Poster.png

My mam had made it quite clear the information she wanted on it, So I went searching for a font I was happy with, one that didn’t look tatty but was clear and clean.  I had downloaded the font and used it. I set the colour to a contrasting colour as the poster so far seemed quite light, I set a bevel to the main title and underlined it using the rectangle tool. This gave it more volume and made it stand out as I felt it was the key information. I avoided adding loads of text and kept it simple so the viewer would not have to get put off by load of text.



This was a small project I have done. This was for my mam and made on my own computer at home. With my Photoshop not the colleges software.


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