Logo Creation

Well as a side hobby I wanted to make a logo for YouTube, as I wanted to try take making YouTube content seriously. At the time when I made this I was a massive fan of minecraft so I knew I wanted to include my skin in minecraft from it. so I went and downloaded my skin mesh from a site called nova skins. This is slightly like a texture map which you may put on UVs in Maya.

Skin redo.png

Once I had the skin downloaded i done some research into what i needed to do to get my skin back in 3D Form and manipulate it into the way I wanted and position it how i wanted. this meant using Cinema 4D using an add on called ‘myskinrigthingy’  I was able to import my 2D Skin layout and get it to appear 3D as a person this allowed me to easily move the features of the person and position it exactly  the way I wanted. i was also able to add the misc item (The sword) Which was really cool. So anyway I got the character into a stance I was comfortable with knowing where i wanted to put it on my final logo I then rendered the character out on a vibrant Blue background. this was because my character was green so the green-screen lead to issues once cutting the character out in Photoshop After I done this I exported it as a PNG

Skin Render.png

I decided I wanted a circle to be the main feature off my logo so I made a circle. Then I wanted the first letter of my name to be in the middle. So i went and looked at a lot of fonts to use. I couldn’t find any I wanted so I hand drew my letter I, then i filled it in and rasterised the layer then added a gradient. Then i converted it to 3D And changed the depth and removed a slight error in my hand drawn I then exported the finished circle feature with the I in it.

New Logo.png

Once I was at this stage I had this png which I then just added to the top of a detailed minecraft screen shot. then I added my character to the bottom corner peering through which resulted in a cool logo.

YouTube Logo.png


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