Art Deco

Art Deco, trends and the differences between objects and buildings to now. before ‘innovation’ this can range from the stepped pyramid feature on many skyscrapers to the rounded spherical feature on movie theatres.

As you can see in both cityscapes there is a vintage look to them. Both cityscapes have the pyramided stepping feature near the top of the towers. The sheer architecture of the buildings can clearly be identified on both images.


the windows in both images have the same gridded feature thought this is also another vintage/ classic look which is clearly noticeable, even the colours on the walls to the general ‘old’ texture/ feel to the walls. and many of the walls have dado rails this was to prevent the chairs from scraping against the walls when people were leaving their seat at the dinner table. It used to have a purpose but however it is more just for fashion and aesthetic uses these days.

vintage1.jpgCafe int.jpg



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