Ant, Research trigonometry

On Tuesday we were supposed to look into trigonometry, this s because for making 2D games trigonometry is essential  as you are constantly moving along the x,y axis. What trigonometry does is work out the distance between the x,y meaning you don’t have to work it out as unity does it for you. This is really useful when making games.

Trigonometry goes down to SOH CAH TOA this is mnemonic to remember the order of doing things or even just what to do. when it comes down to trigonometry you can label all 3 sides. Hypotenuse, Opposite and adjacent. The Hypotenuse is the longest side, for example on a right angle triangle this with be the diagonal side. Opposite is the side opposite the hypotenuse angle and the adjacent is the one which runs along side the hypotenuse.

Trig tri.png

We also learned about radians, 1 radian (rad) which is just the radius. times pi is equal to 180 degrees. so 2PI*rad = 360 degrees. radians works better with trigonometry then degrees.



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