Next Gen assessment

Over this on-going period between now and Easter we will be focusing on developing our skills which we need for our assessment for Next Gen, This will entail us developing a game within a set time period this will involve learning code and developing an understanding in certain maths topics. along side of the maths we will be learning how to involve the maths within a game and be able to explain how we did it.

The maths subjects we will be learning are;

  • Basic arithmetic
  • Discrete and continuous numbers, Discrete numbers are a set list such as amount of lives or perhaps in a real way shoe size. Continuous can be anything which is not set for example the weight of a ship or he amount of money you can obtain
  • Trigonometry
  • Rational and irrational numbers, Ration is basically a fraction e.g 1/2  irrational numbers are numbers such as PI
  • Pythagoras Theorem
  • vector Maths
  • Dot Product (Scalar Product)
  • Cross Product this can be used to work out the angle of rotation.
  • Probability, chance of something happening. Randomness.
  • Mode, median, mean range. Mean is all the numbers added up and divided by each other, range is the biggest minus the smallest.
  • Standard deviation and variance. Spread set of numbers, gambling for example you could make sure the house always wins.

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