Robot designs.

We were required to make a number of robot designs for tony, this was abolished however it was reinstated a few weeks later. I had a number of simple robot designs however I did not like any of them and didn’t intend in turning any of them into my final robot design. I wanted something more aggressive looking, with an exo skeli type feel.

I had made many simple cartoon like robots and decided this wasn’t what I was looking for. I had looked at games such as titanfall and Call of duty black ops 3 as they have a robot design similar to what I was looking for. However during the lesson with tony he had been mentioning a number of things one which stuck was adding animalistic features to my robots hence the tail and horns. The ring on the horn was there for sheerly aesthetic purposes as I felt rings are often associated with bulls and the animal features I used came from a bull.

robot progress.jpg

As you can see there was a body plate on his torso, I felt this was very boring and did not like it so I removed it and made the inner workings visible as it was more eye pleasing.

I added the spikes to make my robot look more fierce. As this is what I had saw in How to train your dragon when the Vikings had armour and I thought it was a good touch. My favourite film of all time is real steel so due to this I liked the topic of making a robot so due to this I felt it was necessary to have an influence on my robot from what I had seen. This is why I had the pipes leading to sections of my robot but in the inside as this is what Zues had who is one of the main robots. I also added external plating as this was also a feature on Zues.Fraser Gibson Robot.jpg




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