Room Project

With Matt we were given the project of constructing a room. We were given the choice of our own room or a room for our spaceship. As I felt it was more convenient to do my own room as it was right here as I was doing the project, This was a crucial decision as due to the fact I done my own room could potentially limit innovation and creativity and may not show the full potential of my skills as I could have a particularly ‘easy’ room to create where as with the spaceship this could have endless possibilities.


The first model I made was my desk, yes you may think rather odd but however it was literally in front of me all the time so it was the easiest. When we made the spaceships it opened my eyes on how hard it can be to texture things depending on the complexity of the shape. Due to this I decided for all/ most of my assets I would stick to starting from a cube and modeling my way from there as you can see I started off with the support on the side, then I duplicated this and made it in the exact location for it to match up. This was easy as I had used solid number for size and position from the beginning so it didn’t take much to solve. Afterwards I had just extruded the sides and merged them together and positioned the seam in the middle as you can see.

Model Desk Area.jpg

Bedside Table:

By the time I had finished doing my desk it was getting rather late so I didn’t want to start doing anything too complicated so I decided to do my bedside table this however was incredibly challenging and took my a long time to get to the pint where I was happy with it, sticking to my plan of forming things from only 1 cube I used a lot of extruding and stretching to achieve this.


I had decided I was going to focus more on the big items in my room the more noticeable ones before I was planning on adding detail, this made me start my bed as it is the main thing you see once you have entered my room. This once again was very hard but however I used edge loops and extruding To get the bed to a state where I was happy. However at this paint it did not have a mattress so I decided to do that later and moved on to the wardrobe. I went and cheated a little bit and made a new polygon for the mattress, I didn’t want to go too over board so I just beveled it a few times to give it some shape and generally make it look like a mattress. I did plan on making a dovey however this seemed to be too hard so I didn’t want to ruin it and stopped. I made the pillows from yet another polygon and beveled this a few times and re adjusted them into position Buy using ctrl D I copied them and stacked them on one another.Yes the bed looks bare without a dovey however it looks a lot better with a mattress.Model Bed.jpg


From constructing the bedside table I was well aware on what I needed to do the make the wardrobe better as they have the same design as the bedroom furniture matches. This made it a lot easier to make as I already knew what I had to do there was very little to null trial and error. Once again I made it from 1 cube. I extruded the walls up with it without a door to get a feel for it. Then I actually made the interior however I then realized this wouldn’t be visible but it still there.and then made the far right side with the shelves included extruding upward using maths and pre planning where the shelves were going to go and extruding a small platform (0.1) This was so I didn’t need to insert an edgeloop later. After I built up the bad And interior I moved on to the doors which were by far the easiest part. The wardrobe is literally which so I didn’t add a texture I just made it a blin white as it doesn’t reflect much light and is white in colour, I did this for most of my bedroom furniture. (Just in case you felt it was plain)

Model wardrobe Full.jpg

Model wardrobe No Doors.jpg


This process was very similar to the wardrobe so I do not want to repeat myself too much.

Model Side board.jpg

Monitor/ TV:

The Monitor and TV Are exscally the same however one is smaller than the other so while making this one I kind of cheated again and used 2 shapes one was for the stand and one was for the screen, this meant I was able to copy the screen and place it on the wal where my TV is. All I needed to do was make it larger and thicker. I positioned the monitor screen to the center of the stand this meant that once it was placed upon it I could easily scale it with no issues. This was great as by this time the monitors were rather square. All I did was select the screen and enlarge it. I selected both the stand and screen and duplicated them and positioned them on my desk.

Model Monitors.jpg


Many of these items do not need explaining as they were so simple to make but however I shall list them anyway; Bin, washing basket, radiator and Lamp, However The lamp did go a little wrong. All these items were easy to make and did not require much time at all to make.

Model Light Switch.jpg

I was unsure if you wanted this in unity as a number of my friends were doing it in unity, I did try to install and use unity so I could make it a downloadable game for you to play however Unity was not working on my computer so I made the room itself in Maya and imported all my assets. This also made it easier to texture, also. I do struggle greatly with texturing I do not understand it at all and definitely need help with it. all I done was change the colour of the object using the selected (Phong, PhongE, Blin, Lambert) To alter the level of reflectiveness of the items.

Model Room GIF.gif



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