Maya Hierarchies

Today our task was to create a character using our research to influence on it, I decided to attempt to make Eve from Walli. This seemed to be a lot harder than first thought. The idea behind this was to create a simple character which would allow us create some animations using the 12 principles.

I found out how using Soft Selection can adapt and manipulate a sphere into a useful shape, I would not have been able to construct eve without them as it allows u to choose an area for the tool to affect and you can drag and stretch inwards and outwards. This was how I was able to have the sharp rigid forms of her body while also having a smooth curve.

We began using Hierarchy  to create a RIG For our character. This allowed use to connect parts to each other via using parent and child bonding. Allowing the parent to ‘control’ the child parts of it. This would be useful if I were to make a joint as obviously id like the joint to move the arm or head so id connect it to the pivot via hierarchy.

Deformers were very useful but however it was not necessary for me to use them and I felt using Soft Selection was a lot easier. But deformers would allow you to create certain principles of animation such as squash and stretch. This is still quite difficult to do and is great while animating.

eve Model image.PNG


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