Maya, animation – Lamp

today we have been animating a rig of our choice, I first intended to use the squirrel however I found it too hard to setup/ open the file correctly as I was having issues. So I decided to use the lamp rig as I already had it on my desktop. I had decided I still wanted a challenge I had been told that attempting to make my rig do a backflip was hard so obviously I wanted to do it. First off I made my rig perform a wobble this was to build up suspense and to make the rig perform anticipation. Before jumping, this made it seem more realistic.

When performing a backflip to rotate quickly you tuck in your legs to your core, I felt like it was a must to implement this in my animation. I also used ease in ease out as when he first jump its a rather fast motion however when it gets to the peak height it slows down. Then it speeds up as it is descending.

We used keyframes to make the basis of the animation so you could see the form of it this process was quite quick and easy however we needed to refine this animation as the basic one was very poor quality and was not very smooth at all.


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