Pete After Effects

Today we have been learning more in depth about nulls this is a good way of controlling an object and grouping them together. We used 3D Space and the snapping tool to form a cube, first off we made a 500×500 pixel square and made it a colour, we then rotated it 90 degrees. We then enabled snapping and grabbed on of the sides and connected it t the other face. We then changed the colour of one of the squares this was to make the fact its a cube more visible. In order to make it easier to make the cube we changed the viewing point to a more birds eye view this made the depth of the cube more visible. This only effected our view and not the rendering position (Main camera). During this lesson I have learned how important organisation of my work is and choosing a good name for what the null does is rather important.

Once I had duplicated each of the sides I moved them 500 pixel and snapped them onto the corner of the other square to form a cube. I then continued to add lights of which I made two. I used the spot light as I felt it was the best for what I was doing. I made one light white and angled it to the left of the cube and I made the other a red this brought a highlight to the cube. I was waiting to find out what to do next and got curious so I decided to animate my cube spiralling around a point, we made this possible by using another null and parenting all sides to the null and repositioned the null to the centre of the cube to the null. This was easy as we knew the dimensions of the cube.

I had duplicated my whole cube two more times and re assigned the parenting. By this time my layers were a mess and very complicated this caused me to make a few mistakes due to this I began to organise my nulls and sides of my cubes so each cube was grouped together. I positioned one cube above the centre one and one cube below. I decided to make the cube above and blow rotate in alternate directions to the centre one so it didn’t look plain and gave my animation depth.

pete cube animation gif.gif


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