Simple animation/ Xmas game

Today with tony, we were welcomed by a talk from workers who work at a local game development firm. This made us think a little bit more in depth about the actual process of game creation. As a group we have also decided that the game idea we originally had was awful too complicated and did not suit the description we were given. This lead to a recall so we as a group decided to re create our game plan. We have decided it is going to be a pixel game, sing different shades of the colour to indicate depth allowing us to make them appear 3D. We are completely certain that one of the main features is going to involve a present of which we have not quite settled with what to do so we have started to draw up some simple design ideas.

In Ants class, we were told that game all bowl down to numbers, this may vary from health to damage or perhaps a time or scoring system. This made us also think how and what we are planning to do with our game.

With tony using Adobe animate, we have created a simple animation using key frames. For a quick scene with not too much detail, First of we looked at a game called bug blaster in slow motion and observed how the enemies explode and dissipate. Afterwards we watched explosions from a YouTube channel called slowmo guys, this also showed us the behaviour behind the explosion allowing use to capture this in our key frame animation.

When making the animation we had enabled onion skin mode in adobe animate, This meant that once we had made a frame we clicked F7 to make another, but however left the previous layers visible but rather transparent, this was incredibly useful due to the type of animation we were making, After I had made the explosion I decided to implement this into another scene. This was made up of a body of water and a rock had fallen into and I had created a splash animation effect based on the behaviour of the water I had witnessed in my research.

Tony animation explosion gif.gif


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