Vfx work in illustrator/ after effects

Today with pete, we have been learning how to use illustrator. This has been challenging but however very interesting learning simple things such as formatting each layer and learning how to use certain functions definitely played a major part in developing my understanding.

Firstly we went onto the shared X drive and downloaded an image of which we had to change slightly to be able to use it in illustrator. It was generally easy. Before we done this we learned about illegal colours and how to avoid illegal colours. We also looked into how the uk runs  25 fps and the us runs at 30 fps. This is an issue as the program we use has 30 fps set as the default so we were required to change this before working on our scene. The scene we made was in full hd running 25 fps

the scene consists of a simple pink square a green triangle and a blue circle. With these simple shapes we made the scene pan out of it while the shapes were also moving. In order to do this we needed to make the software register the shapes as vectors in 3D space. The vectors were essential as this meant the shapes did not lose resolution no matter how big or small they were. This can be a reoccurring error in using photo shopped images. And the 3D space allows us to move the shapes around on 3 vectors ‘X’ for left and right ‘Y’ for up and down ‘Z’ for forwards and backwards within 3D space We also learned how the rotations work according to which axis you decide to rotate on.

Vx gif.gif


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