Texturing Maya

Today in matts class we first learned about the effect of different textures and their modules, there are a selection of them which we focused on called; phong1, phong2, blinn and lambert.

Each texture module has a specific amount of light reflectivity and some other features which come standard to the texture. this can be used to create unique effects. this allows you to make your model have different appearances such as wood, metal and plastic based on how shiny it is and its depth.

I had started to UV unwrap my model however I done it at home this caused errors when I loaded it in 216 version which was at college. Due to this I felt slightly behind in work and this meant I was required to use matts model which I must say was a big help as his work was presented in a way better manner which then meant it was easier to texture.

To take a snapshot of the UVS we went to window and saved a snapshot, we saved it as the resolution of 2048×2048 this meant that the quality of the texture was really good making it easier. Once we opened the snapshot in Photo Shop, we added a blank white layer to our work and positioned it behind the uvs in the layers making the uvs appear more clear.

We browsed the web looking for suitable textures for a space shit we used this and the quick selection tool to overlay it. We added some simple decals which I found slightly amusing.Matt ss UV2 gabe.pngMat ship texture.PNG


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