Robot ideas

In Tonys class today we done some simple research and brain stormed a load of films/ games where robots are a feature, One I mentioned were Wali as this was a film where the robot expresses emotion which goes against connotations further more I also said ‘Robots, Futurama, Real Steel + Many more.

We focused on the robots which expressed emotion and pulled out features which were unique about them. Such as Wali uses his eyes and eyebrows to show the viewer what he is feeling and says very little other then ‘eve’

Ball springs.jpggeneric robot.jpgJet Fire head.jpgPaddle head.jpg

I have just drawn up a selection of Robots, I intend to upload these images to illustrator. This will allow me to focus more on getting perfect lines. I can also make some changes, once I have a number of robots drawn up in illustrator I will be able to mix and match components of the robots to make new ones. I also plan on making a few more ideas then doing the same. This is a continuous project over the next few weeks.


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