Modula Halloween Scene

We constructed a whole scene in Adobe Flash, we conducted this via using a small number of generic shapes. We were not allowed to use any other shapes. This is to show us how simple generic shapes have huge capabilities. Using features such as; glow, inner glow, knockout and  alpha settings to achieve more detail and a different look to our shapes.

The shapes we used are:

Modula shapes.PNG

The topic we focused around was a Halloween scene. Chris scene.PNG

the bats beside the church were actually animated so their wings flapped giving my scene movement. I decided to include a UFO, this was made up of a circle of which has been stretched out and the lights are more circles of which just have a simple glow, I copied and pasted the circle onto eachother to give the glow a stronger intensity. We done a very similar thing for the beam being emitted from the under carriage. But however we added the knockback effect onto it removing the body behind it.

This is an on going project and I intend to continue.


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