UV – Unwrapping

Today we learned how to do UV-Unwrapping in Maya. This basically means we unravel the whole mesh into smaller components made up of a 2D Net. This is the beginning of the process you need to do in order to texture your model. We were using planar mapping to load this into the 2D view.

Texture ships.PNG

We have been learning where to make the seams on the net so they are less visible. So for instance we would position a seam on the inside of an arm or a leg. Generally speaking if we were doing it on a human figure, we would be able to use the seams on our clothes as a guidance as they correspond with each other as these areas are typically less visible. In terms of speaking for the space ship as you are aware I have some harsh angles on my wings. this would also be a good spot to place a seam as it would be barely noticeable.

Ship wing.PNG


After selecting the faces we wanted to unwrap we needed to smooth them down and make sure that it was to scale. We re sized them and repositioned them to make sure they have some sort of order to them this will help us later when it comes to painting on our textures. I used the unfold tool to help achieve the view I wanted and manually fixed any overlapping as this was sometimes and error. We were told to think f unwrapping as if it were paper, this means that it can fold and bend but however it does have some difficulties these can be encountered when it goes back on its self in 2 ways at the same time it can also be stretched. We solved this via sewing particular pieces together and cutting certain edges so they are able to fold on one another.

One of the main errors people were confronted with was they had double faces within their mesh this was typically made when people has used the extrude function but decided not to pull out the face. The easy fix for this was to merge the mesh on very low level.



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