Self Portrait

Today we were requested to use our new skills and knowledge on Adobe Flash to make a self portrait. It has made me appreciate how much work goes into simple indie games. As after a sizeable amount of time went into my work it was still lacking a resemblance of myself. the only tools we used were the line tools and the pre-set shapes. We were required to colour in the whole portrait. In the near future I intend to add shadows/ different shades giving it a shadowy appearance. Chris Self P.PNG

We were not allowed to use any pen tools or pencil tools we were only allowed to use the line tools and the shape tools, This was to show us that you don’t have to be good at art to be able to draw things in flash. We were also re moulding the shapes and lines to give them pristine and unique curvature to them.

I currently do not feel like I have a strength and I need to put a lot more work into this area in order to obtain standards I am content with.


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