3D Modelling Spaceship

My friend said that I have made good use of many features of Maya. He said that I have a very abstract design. However he did include that my construction does not really look like a spaceship but more like a hovercraft. I did in-fact make 2 models and he feels that my first attempt looks more like a spaceship. I do intend to merge both of them together making it appear that my spaceship has a turret as my first model looks relatively like a turret and I feel it will suit my model.ship-screenshot

spaceship image.PNG

Another thing my friend sais was I should attempt to add some turrets, To make my ship look  ‘battle ready’ I Achieved this by extruding a cuboid, then I bevelled it to make it more circular. After this I extruded the face which is the end of the barrel of the turret I then extruded this again, using the scale tool I made this surface smaller after extruding once again I pulled it inwards making the barrel look hollow.Ship turret.PNG

I have constructed a platform for the original ship to be situated upon, this went a lot better then I had originally anticipated. However I had changed a vector of the ship which made it incredibly difficult to centre onto the ship, using the merge to centre tool I was able to merge 2 vectors into one making the ship look better and fit snug.

Main gun turret attached.PNG

I am quite content with my ship, I fell like I am prepared to do the unwrapping preparing me for texturing I al looking forward to texturing.


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