Maya, Basic modelling extruding.

Today in Matts class we were informed of many of the tools in Maya, the main one we focussed on was the extruding feature. We were giving the task of starting off with a basic cube and extruding it to transform it into a space craft, This posed as a easy task but however we had many difficulties. We also used the mirror tool where we copied one half of the craft and made it into a full object.

Mirror: It copies the mesh onto the mirror line, before mirroring you need to select the axis you want to, having a great understanding of the ‘3D World’ (Grid reference are also useful to know about x,y,z)

Extrude: It allows you to pull a 3d shape from either a flat surface, vector or edge this is very useful to use when trying to keep your poly count down. However if you extrude then don’t do anything with the shape you have just extruded this may cause issues. As a result you may need to combine the whole mesh but on a very low level so it will only do it if the shape is exactly in one another.

Connect: This is used to connect one edge/ vector to one another

Multi-Cut: this can be used to add another line giving you more options in Maya such as another surface to extrude from.

Bevel: this can be used to round off an edge, this can give your mesh a better look and stop it from appearing incredibly rigid.

Ship screenshot.PNG


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