Maze – Game Completed!

Today I have done some final tweaks to my maze game putting it in a completed stage! It has shown me how much effort and time it takes to make a game, and helped me develop an understanding on Adobe animate, Key framing and layers. I have also began to realise how important it is to keep things organised as the code will only force the player to re-spawn when the item is called level so when the player collides with it he restarts. The movement speed has been limited to prevent people from being able to right click and cheat the game by teleporting to the home.

Maze Game Lv1.PNG

Level one is just a very basic level allowing the player to adjust and develop an understanding on the game mechanics and controls preparing them for harder levels which are yet to come. Maze Game Lv2.PNG

Level two is my first level of which I introduce a motion tween, This allowed blocks to move in my game, this is where it gives an object a simple animation, if this block is still named level it still kills the player while its in motion. Maze Game Lv3.PNG

Level three was a bit of a tease, this was to have people worried thinking there is an obstacle which can kill them however this is arguably easier than the first one. Maze Game Lv4.PNG

Although it is not apparent in this screenshot there is actually a motion tween which is quite long and rapidly travels from the top bar to the bottom which with the movement delay of the character means its more difficult than it sounds

Maze Game Lv5.PNG

on level five although it looks rather easy on this image the blocks move incredibly fast and there are 4 in total which all move in sequence. This makes it more difficult than you would first imagine once again the movement delay is a major factor in making this difficult. Maze lv1.gif

Level – 1

Maze Lv2.gif

Level – 2

Maze Lv3.gif

level – 3

Maze Lv4.gif

Level – 4

Maze Lv5.gif

Level – 5

Download link!


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