Basic coding, developing a Scene

Tracer Gif.gif

Today, in college we have been learning how to make basic scripts and code. First off making very simple shapes such as squares and circles. We were then requested to construct a tree but however we were given the code. Due to the tree being the first thing I made I decided to implement it into my final scene, first off I constructed the road then began to add the markings each equally spaced out. I the added double yellow lines and a bus shelter. I was in the middle of the process f making a bus which actually went wrong but however I adapted it into looking like a tractor. Using my knowledge of ‘Key Framing’ I decided to try and animate things but coping the code from one scene and then putting it onto another only changing the location of all the components which made up the tractor, I spaced out each key frame by 10 frames and made it move 10 pixels in each section. The animation is a bit choppy and it was a long tedious process however I still managed to reach my goal which was the tractor leaving the screen.

Some of the coding I used for the shapes

graphics.drawRect(120, 150, 20, 100)                         -This creates the rectangle.

graphics.beginFill(0x663300)                                       -This fills in the shape which is made.

graphics.drawCircle(130, 150, 50)                                -This makes a circle.

Code for scene.PNG






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