Today in Tony’s lesson we learned a lot about drawing we are now able to make 2D Images appear 3D by adding a gradient on Photoshop. We were also practising drawing from a perspective making our cartoon characters seem like they are real. We achieved this by first drawing our characters out of cylinders making the clothing items appear like they were wrapped around the character. At the end of the lesson we learned how to use the scanner and have emailed the scan to my college email address. I am now able to open my drawing/ Sketch in Adobe Illustrator. Tony  also showed us how to use the various different pens and pencils on illustrator.Sausage tony.jpg

First of all, we drew the image on paper using pencil. This was so we could get used to certain pencil strokes. Tony also showed us some drawing techniques, He kept bringing up the fact that when people normally draw we draw using our imagination/ memory as we are not looking at the image when we are drawing it.

Sausage  ilustaroterigjer.PNG

Here you can see the same sausage, we had scanned the image on the printer in the college. Then we downloaded it as it was automatically sent to our emails. We then opened it in adobe illustrator, Using the pen and pencil tools to make a perfect curve. This made the lines look more pristine and rigid. We then used the pain bucket feature to fill in the main colours. As you can see I did not get around to doing the whole thing, this is my progress so far.


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